Dinos from paint

DIY Dinos of paint

Here at home we have been in a kind of Jurassic World for months now. As you could read last week the pterodactyl loops and T-rexes are flying around our ears. So it really had to happen, we went to craft and made dino's of paint.

Mess about with a big sheet of paper and hands and feet full of paint.


DIY Dinos of paint

Since little man breathes dino’s I thought it would be fun to adapt our crafting activities accordingly. The socks had to come off and the hands had to be used. We got to work with foot and hand prints.

What you need?

  • paper
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • stick-on eyes (not necessary)
  • possibly markers

How to proceed?

I like to use the big roll of drawing paper from Ikea. This time I put him on the floor and stuck the beginning of the paper with painter's tape. Then I smeared the little man's feet with green paint.

He already found this very funny, because it tickled of course. To make a big dino (or crocodile) he had to stand with both feet side by side. Then I drew teeth and we glued an eye on it.

The first dinosaur was ready.

With the hands we also made some dinos. The first time we made one we only colored the palm, thumb and little finger. Then I painted spikes and dots on it and the little man put an eye on it.


We also made two more red dino's where we colored the whole hand. The fingers are then the legs and the thumb the head. Here again I gave the dino’s spines and dots with paint and we glued an eye on them.


The older and more handy the children are, the more they can do on their own, of course. Then we had some fun messing around with paint. To top it off, one of my cats walked through the paint, so I had to mop the whole dining room.

Anyway, we had fun and the dino's turned out well!

A super simple DIY that we all had fun with.

Do you ever make hand and foot art with the kids??

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