Chestnut garland with felt leaves

DIY chestnut garland with felt leaves

You wouldn't know it with the temperatures this weekend but it's been officially autumn for a few days now. So we can go again with autumn crafts. After collecting kilos's chestnuts we had to do something fun with them.

We made, after the necessary noise and dramatic episodes, a chestnut garland with felt leaves.


DIY chestnut garland and what went into it

The little man had done his best in the forest. Kilos of chestnuts had been on the counter for a week. We could all just look at it.

I found this after a dramatic scene by my four-year-old rascal.

Mister had been to school and I had prepared some things to make a chestnut garland together. Once home I showed him the plan and looked forward to a fun activity. Mister always loves crafting so I thought I would make him very happy with this.

Too bad, mom!

The toddler thought it was a very bad idea that I would touch HIS chestnuts. These chestnuts were HIM's and you were ALLOWED to look at them. Apparently he didn't like the idea of ruining these precious treasures by poking them with a needle.

With a bit of imagination, you can imagine a dramatically screaming and sad toddler at this and you will understand that I was pretty much done with it.

After talking like a fool, getting angry and more crying on his part I thought it was okay.

So in the end we went back into the forest and I gathered my own chestnuts. I wanted to make that chestnut garland after all. Next, of course, mister did want to help make the chestnut garland. Pffff…

What you need?

  • Chestnuts (self-picked is recommended)
  • solid needle
  • Yarn
  • Pliers
  • felt
  • scissors

How to proceed?

First I cut various shapes of leaves out of felt. I just did this freehand but you can also draw the shape on paper first and then cut it out of the felt. I cut about twelve leaves.

Then I sorted the chestnuts and put them, together with the felt leaves, in order. So you can continue threading at once.

DIY; chestnut garland with felt leaves

Piercing the chestnuts is a bit tricky so I didn't let the little man do it. With a sturdy needle and a long thread I pricked the chestnuts through. I used pliers to pull the needle through.

I chose to string two chestnuts each time, followed by a felt leaf.

Of course, you can do this entirely as you see fit.

Finally I tied a firm knot in the yarn at both ends and our chestnut garland was finished!

DIY; chestnut garland with felt leaves

Is your house already in autumn atmosphere?

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