Making simple Christmas decorations for on the Christmas table

Make simple Christmas decorations for the Christmas table

No matter how we spend Christmas this year, making our own Simple Christmas decorations for the Christmas table can always! Because whether we can be alone or together, ensuring coziness and a well set table is always possible. Now you can buy this but making it yourself is also great fun (and easy).

Buying Christmas decorations or making your own

Of course it is easy to buy Christmas decorations for in the house and on the Christmas table. This can be done just fine and there are an awful lot of cute decorations to be found in any Christmas trend and color you are looking for. Yet making your own is always fun, at least I think so.

And you probably too because you landed on this article. Simple Christmas decorations for the Christmas table, what can you do??

Make simple Christmas decorations

Cozy up the Christmas table for Christmas breakfast, brunch and or dinner. How to brighten them up with simple Christmas decorations you can make yourself:

Everyone has his own place

You determine the table arrangement with these simple Christmas decorations: What you need? Basically just napkins, a piece of string and craft paper.

Cut labels from the craft paper or use a punch make a round at the top for the wire to pass through and wrap it around the napkin. Name on it and ready.

Reusing bottles and glass

It could hardly be easier to reuse your bottles or glass jars. Pots can be covered with paper, cut a poinsettia, string around it with charms and a tea light for the atmosphere.

Have a nice long bottle? Paint this and use it as a candlestick.

You can paint the bottles and finish them off with thick brown rope, possibly with a nice pendant, a small Christmas ball or a label made of craft paper. These bottles are a bit wider, you can put them on the Christmas table with a nice flower inside, but of course you can also fill them with sweets for the children.

Painting bottles crafting with old bottles or other glassware for Christmas

Working with felt

If you have felt in the house, then you can make a simple Christmas decoration for this for the Christmas table. Cut out a Christmas tree from white paper (or a bauble) and place it on the felt. Cut out the figure and cut two strips in the middle.

Here you can put a napkin in between. Easy to make and original on the table.

Easy to make Christmas decorations with felt Make a felt napkin for the Christmas table

Tree bark

Not made by yourself but you can of course decorate them yourself are tree trunks as coasters. I bought these tree trunks at Action and you can decorate them with paint as much as you want.

creative, tree bark that you can also use as a coaster on the table. Nice for your wine glass

Christmas baubles left over

Do you have leftover Christmas balls from the tree, or maybe you don’t have a Christmas tree this year, but choose other Christmas decorations then you can use these balls as Christmas decoration on the table. Take a vase and put them in here. More Christmas feeling is not possible.

Make a simple menu

A menu always looks nice on the table at Christmas dinner and these menu cards are very simple to make with Christmas paper from Déco Time. I also bought this at Action and use it every year to make Christmas cards or, like now, menus.

Make your own menu card for the Christmas table with paper from DecoTime

Here you can see exactly how I made the glasses and napkin holder from felt.

Check out Pinterst for more tips

On Pinterest you can of course find lots of great tips for simple (but also difficult) Christmas decorations. For the Christmas decorations I made here, I actually had everything in the house, you can’t make it any easier on yourself. Do you still need craft supplies to make your own simple Christmas decorations?

Take a look here for inspiration.

If you are looking for more inspiration, you can find plenty on my Holiday Pinterest Board.