Crafting with Pokemon Go


DIY crafting with Pokemon Go

I admit it immediately. I was able to stop the arrival of Pokemon Go in the Bblogt household for exactly 2 days. Then the nerd in me came out and I had to have the app.

So yes, if we play the game then, of course we have to tinker with pokemon go.

Because a real nerd has a pokeball sling on the wall.


Crafting with Pokemon Go

I am always very sensitive to new technology and hypes. After Freek Vonk the Pokemons now also enter our household. I just really wanted to know what was so fun about the whole hype around catching ugly dolls. So during my week of vacation I downloaded Pokemon Go in Australia.

With the help of my dear brother, of course.

I secretly explored the green world full of pokeballs and pokemons, until little man discovered this game on his mother's phone. The misery had started and so we regularly walk around the forest to catch those miserable monsters. Of course, this new, somewhat strange hobby gave me enough inspiration to do some crafts with Pokemon Go.

So we got to work and made a pokeball garland and two mini pokemons.

What you need?

  • Various colors of paper/cardboard
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • adhesive tape
  • Thread/wool

How to proceed?

First I made a garland of pokeballs. I cut 6 white circles and 6 half red circles from paper. I glued these together.

I made the circles using compasses but you can also just trace a cup.

Then I cut 6 small black strips and 6 small black circles. I glued these onto the balls. Finally I just had to glue 6 small white circles inside and the pokeballs were finished.

With some tape I stuck all the balls on a long string and then stuck the garland on the wall with some washi tape. The little man was a happy man.

DIY; crafting with Pokemon Go


To dress it up a bit I made another Weedle. A simple pokemon that I find every day in our garden. Or in my curtains, or in the forest or on the driveway.

An annoying little thing.

The Weedle is a worm made of 8 circles. I cut 8 circles from paper.

DIY; crafting with Pokemon Go

Then I cut a pink nose and used the hole punch to make the paws. From white paper I cut the spine on his tail and the horn on his head.

DIY; crafting with Pokemon Go

Just glue it on, draw two eyes and your Weedle is done.

DIY; crafting with Pokemon Go


To add another simple Pokemon I made another Oddish. A kind of radish with legs. For this I cut a drop shape out of purple cardboard and glued two oval legs underneath it.

I cut 5 leaves out of green paper and glued them behind his head. Next, I used the hole punch to make 2 eyes out of red paper and cut his mouth out of the same color.

DIY; crafting with Pokemon Go

A little glue and Oddish was also allowed on the wall.

DIY; crafting with Pokemon Go

Together with his friend weedle. The pokeballs garland made Pokemon Go crafting complete.

DIY; crafting with Pokemon Go

Are you secretly taking part in the Pokemon Go craze?? Or are you wise and don't start?

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