Craft book


DIY craft book

A DIY for a craft book? Indeed. Since our little man can sit we have been drawing and tinkering with him.

What started out as hand and footprints are now head footprints.

You know those little dolls with heads to which the arms and legs are attached. Super fun but where do you leave all those drawings and crafts? I turn it into a craft book every year.

Craft book?

All drawings worth looking at hang on my wall in the beautiful frames I wrote about earlier. But the toddler's production goes up fast. In a good week there will be 10 to 15 more crafts and/or drawings.

I have little need to keep all those creations, if I did, our attic would already be full of at least three boxes full of cut and paste crafts by now.

Not going to do it. That's why I take a picture of all the drawings and crafts that are worth it. I usually save up a few weeks or months and then take all the pictures's at once.

One picture per craft. After which I lovingly dump them in the container.

craft book

When I have collected all the pictures's I upload them on my laptop and get to work. Via Albelli.and I'll make a nice photo book of it. This works quite simply.

You can choose to download the program so you can work offline or you can fill your album through the website.
Both work fine. The possibilities through the program are a bit more extensive but actually you do not even need that much for a craft book. So I load all the photos’of the crafts into the photo album and give them all a nice spot.

I like it when the crafts are sort of in chronological order.

So you can see how the kids have developed in terms of drawings. This does mean, however, that you have to put the date on the drawings or have a very good memory. The latter I have, partly due to pregnancy hormones, absolutely not.

So I put the date on it. This way I can easily find back when something was made and where it fits in the craft book.

Craft book

Once your book is filled, the waiting can begin. Albelli is always very fast with printing and shipping so usually you will have your booklet in the house within a week. Our little guy really enjoys looking back at his craft book once in a while.

And it saves us moms's a lot of storage boxes and folders in the attic. Secretly you never look at that anyway.
On a side note, do NOT throw away the crafts in front of your children. They really don't appreciate that. Just do this secretly and then proudly show the craft book.

Good luck!

craft book

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