Crafting with jars

DIY crafting with pots

This mummy has been taking it easy for the past few weeks. I'm not very mobile at the moment so there is plenty of time to mess around in the house together. Little man is having an active crafting period this summer.

Now that's perfect. We collected some glass jars. This way I always have a fun craft activity on hand.

All simple but very fun to do.

We started tinkering with jars.

crafting with jars; shell vase

As you could read in my post from last Sunday, little man had been looking for shells on the beach. He plays with a lot of shells outside in his mud kitchen, but we picked the best ones to craft with. For this DIY you need a jar, a pack of self-drying clay (this pack came from Action) and of course shells.
I first de-labeled the jars. Just with hot water under the tap. Then we kneaded and rolled out the clay.

Always measuring and fitting around the jar. The little guy especially enjoyed rolling the clay. Finally we put the jar on the clay and glued the clay around it.

Finishing the edges and the ‘sticking’ could start.

Our toddler pushed all the shells in, he made a beautiful mosaic of them. A good night's sleep and ready!

crafting with jars; glass paint

crafting with jars

Once I bought a box of glass paint at, again, Action. Five little tubes of paint for a few euros. We already made a tea glass out of this for Mother's Day and this time we decorated a jar.

This DIY needs little explanation, the jar is washed off and then painted with the glass paint. Make sure you put something on the table, once the paint is dry you can't get it off easily. With this activity the little guy had a little less patience.

He went to work with the brush like a wild man and was finished within three minutes. However, he is very proud of the end result because he wants the jar with his plate every night. Of course we put a tea light in it. He also finds playing with fire very interesting. 😉

crafting with jars; minion

crafting with jars

The last addition to the family potty is the minion. A few weeks ago we went to the movies and these creatures are still very interesting. Previously I made a Minion Quiet Book page, this time a Minion jar.
After we cleaned this jar too, he got to work with yellow paint. I just used gouache for this. Using a thick brush to smear all over the pot.

Actually, mess is always the most fun for a toddler, so that worked out fine.

After the jar was dry I put a coat of varnish on it. Gouache would otherwise peel so quickly. Meanwhile we made glasses out of paper.

We picked out a sticky eye (available at Hema, Action & v&D) and the glasses with eye we glued around the jar. Just a few hairs and a mouth with a black marker and Minion Stewart is finished!

All three pots are now on display on the dining room table. Flowers or candles go in alternately and little man proudly shows them off to everyone.

Do you have any more fun ideas for crafting with jars?? We like to hear them!

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