Taking bikes on vacation

Taking bikes on vacation. How to?

Taking it with you when you go on vacation or on a weekend away is ideal. Only how do you take your bikes easily on the car and what should you pay attention to?

Planning vacations

How it will all go this summer, we don’t know yet. Still we may think about vacations, or a weekend away. Because although it won’t be right away, the time when we can go outside and make plans will come again.

Bike in your own country

Now cycling is a wonderful activity. The advantage of this is that it gets you somewhere, and it’s also good for your fitness. Now the neighborhood is probably familiar and it’s fun to explore a different part of Holland on a bike for a change. A bike carrier for the car is then a must.

But what is a good bike carrier for your car?

How to carry your bikes easily?

There are different types of bike carriers and it’s good to think about what’s appropriate for your car. How many bikes do you want to take with you? Do you have a roof rack or a tow bar? There are several ways to carry bikes on the car:

  • A bike carrier on the tow bar.
  • A bike rack on the roof.
  • The bikes on the tailgate.

Bike carrier on the tow bar

If your car has a tow bar, you can easily carry 2,3 or four bikes on a bike carrier. You attach it to the tow bar. A bike carrier is easy, quick and safe to place on the tow ball.

Roof racks

If your car does not have a tow bar, the bikes can be placed on top of the roof. You do need roof racks for this and usually can fit two bikes. Keep in mind that the bike should also be on the roof. A light racing bike would be fine, but when I look at my own bike, this is a mother’s bike, it is so heavy, there is no way I can get it on top of the car.

Bikes on top of your car catch a lot of wind, keep in mind that you will experience higher fuel consumption and possible noise pollution.

A bike rack on the tailgate

Another easy way to take your bikes with you on vacation or a weekend away is a bike carrier on the tailgate. You don’t need a tow bar or roof racks for this. On the Rameder site you can easily see which bike carrier is suitable for your car.

Enter your car brand or license plate number and you will immediately see the suitable bike carrier for the trunk. The advantage of a bike rack on the tailgate is that you can attach it quickly, simply and securely.