My Bullet Journal for the month of November

My Bullet Journal for the month of November

Another two months I will use this Bullet Journal for my planning. In the new year, I have a planner ready from A-Journal, which I am going to use, but November and December I will show them here for a while yet.

I spend a lot of time on my Bullet Journal

It’s November and it’s actually now clear to me what a time commitment goes into having a Bullet Journal. How enthusiastic I started last year, I now notice that I often don’t have time to do the planning in my Bullet Journal anymore. During the day I am busy with blogging and my Illustration course. ’In the evening I often sit at my desk working on my Bullet Journal, drawing and planning.

I have now chosen to make the months of November and December still in my Bullet Journal and then once a year choose a planner from A-Journal Stationery.

Peace of mind

Of course I will keep using my Bullet Journal. This is how I write in here which series we watch on On Demand. I will keep track of my weight and the books I have read.Still, it gives me some peace of mind that I have a planner for the coming year that is already filled out for me, but in which I can still use my creativity.

The month of November in my Journal

The last few months I have also noticed that my pages’ve all become a bit less exuberant, less creativity and drawings. Now that fits the month of November too. I really enjoy looking on Pinterest of all kinds of example still and although I use these ideas less, I still get a lot of tips from them.