My creative execution

My creative execution

The creachickdecemberchallenge. 31 assignments, one for each day of December.How you want to do the assignment is up to you. As long as it is nice and creative and most important, something you like to do every day!

Bullet journal

I knew it to participate in the creachickdecemberchallenge and be creative every day. How much fun it is, but how much time it takes. Maris from Creachick is the one who started this challenge.

I've written before that I love Maris' YouTube videos, but her creations are so inspiring as well.

I often work in my bullet journal with her ideas. And see her films as small workshops, from which I learn a lot in terms of techniques. Maris posts a video every day of how she makes her creation from this challenge, this is fun to see but also very inspiring again.


A bullet journal or artjournal is used more and more and I am totally addicted too. Where before I used diaries’s to plan everything, these days I make them myself in my Bullet journal. This is where I put my appointments, but I also describe my best moments, list the books I read and so much more.

I also have an artjournal in which I write, cut and paste all the moments I want to keep.

On December 1, I started the creachickdecemberchallenge in my journal. I work every day, one day ahead to avoid the pressure of having to create. Every day I try a different technique, although of course I continue to draw a lot.

Yet I also use handlettering, paint and doodles more and more.

What others do

By posting the hashtag #creachickdecemberchallenge with your post on Instagram you can also see all the other creative expressions of all the others who are also participating in this challenge. It is so much fun to see what others make with the same subject.