Fitbit- let a watch motivate you to exercise

Fitbit- lets a watch motivate you to exercise

Do you already have a sports watch? A Fitbit can help you exercise more. Being motivated to exercise-after all, you do want to reach all your goals and steps-will get you moving more.

But which activity tracker or Fitbit you choose and why?

The Fitbit HR

The Fitbit HR has a pedometer as well as a heart rate monitor. But it can also measure your sleep rhythm, and it encourages and motivates you to exercise, because you want to reach the goals you set for yourself.

What features are on the Fitbit HR?

And what can you do with a Fitbit??

The pedometer

The steps on my fitbit are set to 10.000 steps per day. You can change this yourself if you want to set your goal higher or lower. When I reach the 10.000 steps per day, the Fitbit gives a signal.

On weekdays, I actually always get my steps in. On weekends, it’s still a challenge now and then, so we sometimes go for a walk because mom is still up to her steps with come the day. So a good incentive to exercise!

The heart rate monitor

Keep track of my heartbeat all day long. When exercising you can see exactly how much time you spent in the fat burning zone.

The Distance

The HR indicates how much distance you have covered during the day. The goal is 8 km per day.

Burn Meter

Burn calories throughout the day, even when you sleep. The Fitbit Charge HR lets you know how many calories you are burning. This feature motivates me the most besides the pedometer. The burn meter tells me how many calories I am burning.

I used to eat mostly around 1500 kcal. Now with the Fitbit, I notice that I was getting too little nutrients. I use between 2300-2500 kcal per day.

Nowadays I pay more attention to what I eat, how much I eat and how much I consume.

Stair counter

The goal of the stair counter is set at 10 stairs. A good incentive to take the stairs instead of the elevator more often.

Sleep monitor

You can use the Fitbit Hr to see exactly how long you slept, how often you were awake or restless. So you can also anticipate your sleep behavior. Turn off the TV half an hour before bed and you sleep more peacefully, you know this will help your get a good night’s sleep. The Fitbit also has an alarm function.

Light vibrations on your wrist wake you up. The advantage is that you won’t be woken up by a loud alarm clock and it won’t wake up the person next to you either.

Caller ID

You can connect the Fitbit Charge to your mobile via bleutooth. The name of the caller appears on the Fitbit.

There is , yes, also just a clock function on the Fitbit Charge HR.


By pressing the button on the Fitbit Charge, you activate the stopwatch. It measures time, distance, steps, heart rate and calories consumed during your activity.

Activating the fitbit

You can activate the Fitbit Charge by gently pressing on the fitbit. Charging is via computer and the Fitbit Charge HR lasts about five days per charge. Charging on the computer is pretty fast.

Track everything

Via your mobile, tablet or computer you can keep track of all the data (sports, nutrition, goals) to get a complete picture.

Adding friends

The great thing is that you can add friends and challenge each other. Who walks the most steps during the week, or who is the most active on the weekend.

My experiences with the Charge HR

I myself am excited about the Charge HR. By using the Fitbit, I am much more motivated to exercise. Every day I want to reach my goals and sometimes I walk an extra step or move more to actually reach them.

I watch my diet, especially what I burn and make sure I get about the same amount of nutrients again. I am very happy with my purchase!

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And you? Do you have an activity tracker? Do you also move more than before?