Valentine’s Day Tin

DIY Valentine's Day tin – Instant romance in a can

Love is in the air.. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few days, it's almost Valentine's Day. We are already inundated with it in the media so of course I couldn't stay behind. Of course Valentine's Day is a huge commercial party but oh well, I secretly love it.

We would all love to be surprised by our (secret) love? In any case, we already started crafting and made a Valentine's Day tin.

DIY Valentine's Day look

If you have to bite the bullet on Valentine's Day, a little candlelight works wonders. I have a husband at home who proposed to me in Venice. Super romantic in the middle of St. Mark's Square.

Totally awesome. Unfortunately, he thinks he has lost all the romance in him with this. So now I have to make do with my proposal for the rest of my life. So I'll take care of the romance myself, together with my little man.

Instant romance in a can.

What do you need?

  • An empty tin can
  • A freezer
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Needle
  • Yarn
  • tea light

How do you proceed?

Fill an empty tin with water and put it in the freezer overnight. This ensures that your can stays in shape when you go loose with the hammer. Put a towel on the table so that your gaze does not roll in all directions and you do not, in your enthusiasm, bump your table top.

My little man also made a can himself and punched lots of holes in it with a nail. Since we wanted to keep our fingers, I held the nail with pliers. This way the toddler could easily hit the nail with a hammer.

To make the Valentine's Day tin, I drew a heart on a piece of paper. I stuck this around the can with a piece of adhesive tape. I tapped, with the hammer, holes on the lines of the heart and inside.

Of course you can do this with any design, it doesn't have to be a heart. A name or other figure is also very nice.

valentine's day look

When you are completely satisfied, remove the paper. I liked to give the tin something extra. So I embroidered the edge of the heart with a needle and pink yarn.

The little man's can was given an extra touch by wrapping the top edge with twine.

Then all that was needed was a candle and our instant romance in a tin was ready.

valentine's day look

Do you also make something nice for Valentine's Day?

Love is in the air.. Valentine's Day is coming up so we already made instant romance in a can. Do you do something about Valentijn?

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