Monkeytown climbing and scrambling

Monkeytown-climbing and scrambling

‘ to Monkeytown!’ It soon sounds when you ask your child where he or she wants to celebrate a birthday party. And you get it, because although parents often think it’s a scream palace, for children that playing and scrambling is really fun.

Play fun at Monkeytown

Now of course there are many indoor playgrounds, but after experiences I dare to say that the Monkeytown in Aalsmeer is new, clean and fairly clear. Something that many parents like. You can make a reservation in advance and when you do this for a party, a table is reserved, with a decorated chair, a lemonade and a fries for the enthusiastic climbers and clamberers at the game.

Good service

The service at Monkeytown is excellent, the toilets are cleaned frequently, which is certainly not an unnecessary luxury with so many small peeing children. We are regularly asked if everything is to your liking. The children can play, build and climb here

Scream palace yeeh or nah

I admire the employees who work at indoor playgrounds such as Monkeytown, what a scream all day long. I think they must hear this sound all night at home. Despite the many noises, I was still able to work while the children were playing.

The internet connection was fine, so while the boys were having fun, the man and I were both working on our laptops. Now I also know that there are also parents who have a ‘scream palace’ if this is horrible.

Indoor play paradise

Monkeytown is known as the best and most exciting indoor play paradise in the Netherlands for children from 1 to 12 years old. There are gigantic climbing and clambering equipment, full of challenging tunnels and secret corridors and of course the well -known balls, superlego, trampolines and air cushions. Here it was again a great success this year and if I can believe the oldest, we will be here again in a month for his birthday!