Bird house

DIY Birdhouse

Tomorrow is World Animal Day. A day created to reflect on animals and perhaps do something extra. Our animals at home are spoiled horribly every day, so that won't change tomorrow. However, we spoil the birds in the garden a little extra.

We made a bird house from a carton of baby food. We've had enough of that anyway.

Make your own bird house

What do you need for the bird house?

  • An empty pack of baby food
  • paint
  • brushes
  • knife
  • rope
  • bird food

How do you proceed?


Before you start, make sure the suit is clean and dry. Then you cut a square out of the suit with a knife. Do this to the front and back.

Make sure you start about half an inch from the bottom. This way your bird food will not immediately fall out when you put this on the bottom. In addition, it is also useful to take into account the size of a bird. They must of course be able to go back in again. Then make two holes for the string, at the top of the suit, just below the lid.

If all the carving is ready you can paint. My little man started with three colors that were mixed into a brown stuff within a few seconds. We will say camouflage colors.

Let the paint dry well. When the birdhouse is completely dry, attach a piece of string through the holes. You can hang it up.

Now all you have to do is put a layer of bird food in your birdhouse and you're done!


We hung the bird house on the feeding pole in the garden. Within minutes, great tits were feasting. Unfortunately I didn't get that in the picture. I know, a missed opportunity.

Very nice to see that you like it.

Do you do anything extra on World Animal Day?

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