Mother’s Day 2021 Tips for an original Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day 2021: Tips for an original Mother’s Day gift

May 9 is Mother’s Day and this year we won’t just let this pass by. Both for you as a mother herself, and when you want to put your mother in the spotlight. Look no further for an original Mother’s Day gift, you will find them here.

Original Mother’s Day gift

Even though we do not see our mother as often as we would like, we want to come up with an original Mother’s Day gift, that is why I will come up with a number of nice presents in a row today:

My Jewelery Luxury Gift Boxes

With My Jewelery jewelery you are always in the right place. And is certainly an original Mother’s Day gift. For example, I surprised my mother two years ago with Mother’s Day with a mother & daughter bracelet, which we both still wear every day. This way we are always close to each other, even though we haven’t been able to see each other for so long.

This year My Jewelery comes with three fantastic gift boxes filled with items that will make you happy.

This way you can immortalize the loving connection between you and your mother in a piece of jewelry.

Forever Connected

Of course it is also super nice to give a perfume or a bunch of flowers, but how nice is it to surprise your mother with a more personal gift? A gift that underlines your special bond, brings back your fondest memories and ensures that you are forever connected? All this comes together in the luxury gift boxes of My Jewelery.

Three different variants of Gift Boxes

The gift boxes are available in three different variants:

1 ) Box with the MOM necklace (€19.95)

2 ) Box with the MOM bracelet and heart necklace (€29.95)

3 ) Box with a heart bracelet and watch (€ 45.95).

  • Mother's Day 2021: Original Mother's Day gifts

Whichever you choose, the colorful packaging makes them a joy to receive

Good to know: all jewelery in the gift boxes is made of stainless steel. As a result, they do not discolor, they can take a beating and they last a lifetime – just as it should be with a valuable piece of jewellery.

Being creative together

Another fun and original Mother’s Day gift is to be creative with your mother, remotely. How do I get here? In February my sister surprised me with a Zoom session making Valentine’s cards.

My sister lives in America and on a Saturday evening she invited me to join her and some friends to see them get creative. It was super fun and of course you can do that here too, think of a Paint & Wine. You can agree this with your mother and/or sisters.

Buy a canvas for both (you can do this at the Action) make a Zoom appointment and everyone sit behind the canvas and start, with a glass of wine of course.

Send a tea or coffee package

Another original gift for Mother’s Day is a tea box delivered. Then think of those beautiful tea flowers from Flora Tea. This can of course also be a surprising flavor coffee box.

Receiving an unexpected package is already fun and with many web stores you can have a ticket in addition to the tea or coffee, then your mother immediately knows that this original Mother’s Day gift comes from you.

Mother's Day 2021: an original Mother's Day gift

Mailbox butter cake

And does your mother love baking?? Then surprise her with a mailbox Boterkoek from Abel Bakt. She doesn’t have to stay at home because the butter cake comes through the letterbox.

Nice is that you can also have a handwritten card with your message added to the Abel Bakt butter cake mailbox.

The butter cake is lovingly wrapped, so ideal as an original Mother’s Day gift.

Gift by post: mailbox butter cake from Abel Bakt / Mother's Day 2021: an original Mother's Day gift

Surprise your mother this day

Whatever you give, mothers are of course always happy with what they get. And because we may not be able to be together this year, it’s nice to surprise her with an original Mother’s Day gift. Do something different than usual and maybe by mail or via Zoom, at least let’s be there for each other.