Fitness clothes and more at Love It Fashion- review

Fitness clothing and more at Love It Fashion- review

I was already working out before the vacations. Until an Achilles tendon injury threw a spanner in the works and I was temporarily unable to run. After six weeks of taking it easy I am back on track.

And that includes new fitness clothing. I tried on the clothes of Love It Fashion.

Love it Fashion

Twice a week I am running, do Pilates and Boot Camp. It requires the necessary sportswear. I was very happy when I got to try on some fitness clothing for Love It Fashion.The name says it all, at Love It Fashion you will find beautiful clothes for him and her.

Love It Fashion started as an underwear store and this is still clearly visible on the website. There is a large assortment of lingerie and underwear. However Love It Fashion is busy expanding its website and selling men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories in addition to underwear.

Ladies Fashion

The underwear and nightwear is well represented, but also the women’s fashion is quite supplemented by owner Patricia of Love It Fashion. So you can find summer clothes like off shoulder shirts or flashy dresses for the sporty ladies.Cheerful Ibiza top with feathers or feminine tops with crossover straps. For the young ladies there is also plenty of choice. Frozen long sleeves, or dresses for ‘headstrong girls’,

Fitness clothing

As I mentioned, I’ve been out of the game with sports lately, but am now fully rebuilding. Not only me, but also the men here in the house exercise a lot. My laundry rack is often full by then because of all the sportswear.

More sports require more sportswear. At Love It Fashion I found very nice fitness clothing for a small price. This fitness set comes in two sets.

A set with long leggings and top and a set with long leggings, top and 3/4 leggings.

I got to try the second set and was very happy with this one. I sport a lot at home and then I find a 3/4 pants very pleasant. The set comes in one size. I normally have size M and this fitness set fits perfectly.

The fabric of the pants and top is very fine. It’s very soft and feels nice on the skin. The band at the top is wide and does not pinch off.

The fabric is supple so I can move well in it. The top supports well and could be worn like this. With my 43 years I don’t do that anymore.

I wear the top as a sports bra and it is very comfortable. Also because of the elastic and soft fabric. This set of three costs € 15.00.

stress leggings

The soft and elastic fabric makes these fitness clothes very comfortable to wear.

Store at home

Patricia also provides a home store with Love it Fashion. So you don’t have time to go into town but want something new. Then she comes to you with her collection. You can then try on the clothes in peace in your own surroundings. Also for Fashion party’s you can visit Patricia.

Look for more information on the site.