Webshop of the week HelloLunch shop

Webshop of the week HelloLunch shop

In a few months my little man will be going to school. He will then have a continuous schedule so at noon he will eat a sandwich in class. I find that quite a thing. To make that moment a little more fun, especially for myself, I went looking for great lunch tips. So I stumbled on the webshop HelloLunch.

A fun webshop where you can find the coolest lunch boxes, sandwich cutters, toothpicks and more for lunch.

Bblogt loves webshops; HelloLunch Shop

HelloLunch shop is a nice webshop where you can get various products to make the lunch of your child, or yourself of course, extra fun. The trend of these trendy lunches comes from Japan and is officially called Bento. Nowadays you see it a lot in the Netherlands and I personally think it's a super nice way to encourage children to eat healthy.

I asked Katrien from HelloLunch shop a few questions which she gladly answered for me.

HelloLunch Shop

Where does the name HelloLunch come from?
“I have been a fan of ‘hello kitty’ all my life;. As a nickname I have hellokatty and when I was looking (together with a language-creative friend) for a nice name for my little company, which makes clear what I do, and also fits me personally, she came up with HelloLunch. It is very simple, but I am very happy with it from day one!”

What fun we can all shop at you?
“I sell things you can use to make your children's lunch a party. For example lunch boxes, drinking cups and bottles, fruit trays, excellent for bread, vegetables or fruit, trendy lunch picks, mini containers for a tasty dip or a few raisins, cooling elements that ensure that the lunch stays fresh and much more!
I also give workshops and tips through my Facebook page, where parents can see how they can use the stuff to make a tasty, healthy and delicious lunch.”

hello lunch

Where do you get your inspiration from?
“I make 2 lunches a day for my daughters aged 4 and 6. They give me a lot of inspiration. The things they like, enjoy, the topics they cover at school, the books they read, their crushes, their hobbies etc. But e.g. also counting down the days until a vacation, holidays, events.

I am trying to do something with that. Sometimes very simple, sometimes not so simple.
In addition, I am in contact with a manager of a company in Japan, (this trend of making lunches comes from Japan and is originally called bento) who also inspires me tremendously. And of course the internet is also a source of inspiration!”

Do you have a personal favorite? Something not to be missed?
“Every time I purchase a new item, it is my new favorite! That is sometimes difficult, because I have so many favorites!
But from the beginning I really like the eye picks. You can use them to turn a tomato, cucumber or anything else into a funny little man or monster in 3 seconds. I still use it very often!”

hello lunch

What is your ultimate dream as far as HelloLunch is concerned
“I hope to inspire a lot of people in the Netherlands and Belgium to give their children a homemade, healthy, tasty and fun lunch to school. So that children learn to enjoy healthy, varied food and enjoy having fun eating together!”

Are you curious?

Go to the webshop or facebook page of HelloLunch Shop and browse through the products. I am sure you will be enthusiastic to make nice lunches too.

Are you familiar with Bento lunches?? Do you ever make them?

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