Crafts for the Easter season

DIY crafts for the Easter season

It is spring and soon the Easter are coming again. Maybe you don’t do this or maybe you just like to put your house in the Easter spirit again. And since we are currently sitting indoors more anyway, it might be even more fun to do some crafting for Easter!

Decorations for spring

For Christmas I already wrote about how to set your table nicely and that whole, ‘we dress up the house nicely’ can of course also be carried through for Easter and spring. Easter is such a happy time because it is often seen as the beginning of spring. Now the Easter weekend falls early this year, but let’s hope the weather cooperates a bit and we can get out of the house again, so we can enjoy this as well. A vase with flowers is always a good idea!

It adds color and fragrance to your home and gives that nice spring feeling.

The color of Easter is yellow

We all know that the color of Easter is yellow. But yellow may not be a color you want to have in abundance in your home. At Easter time, feel free to choose earth tones and use the colors of spring flowers. Nice to dress the table for an Easter brunch.

With fun egg cups, yellow napkins and candles. On the table, of course, come the eggs and Easter bread. For the ultimate spring feeling, always put small vases of flowers on the table.

Crafts for Easter

Now that we’re indoors so much, it’s important to keep the kids entertained too. For school the youngest already has to make an Easter placemat and furthermore I look around a lot on Pinterest. I’ve made some in the past for Easter myself.

I already made a pompom for Easter and started crocheting myself. These items come back down this days time.

But it can be much more fun

Chrysanthemums are part of the Easter season. With 400 varieties, this colorful flower has more than enough beautiful flowers to choose from. Perfect for making a unique floral arrangement this Easter!

And what is more fun than to make a nice colorful vase for these chrysanthemums. All you need is two colors of spray paint, an old vase or jar, and your favorite chrysanthemums.

This is how you make this colorful vase:

Turn the jar over. For the base of the vase, use the darkest color of paint. The color should be applied most heavily toward the bottom (now top) of the vase. As you reach the center, gradually bring the paint can further and further away from the vase.

This is essential for a nice gradient of colors and prevents you from creating a hard line. Be careful to apply multiple layers so that you can no longer see through the jar. This reduces the chance of sliding paint drops and makes the color nice and even.

Repeat this process with the second, lighter color. If you are not so crazy about colors? The vase also looks great with just one basic color on the bottom and a transparent top.

Let the vase dry well.

Create a colorful vase

While the vase is drying, you can start putting together your bouquet. In the style of Easter, it can be fun to have an eclectic mix of white pompon shaped chrysanthemums with smaller pastel colored chrysanthemums. Also consider the height of the stems; do not cut them to the same length. A difference in height makes it easy to create a playful effect.

Pay special attention to cutting the stems diagonally: the more diagonal the stem, the longer the flower stays fresh!

Is the paint completely dry? Then fill the vase with a generous amount of clear, lukewarm water to enjoy your chrysanthemums for as long as possible. When styling your bouquet, work around your vase; don’t let the flowers all face the same way. This way the bouquet is beautiful from any chair around the breakfast table. Happy Easter!

Inspired by this particular flower? For more information, check out Just Chrysanthemum’s website:

By the way, I did not make these vases myself; this description and photos’re from a press release

fun to do yourself

An Easter brunch

And may it be that we get to celebrate Easter with others again it might be nice to unpack a bit with an Easter brunch after all these weeks of sitting at home. In case you are still looking for ideas for this brunch? The recipes for the following (Easter) dishes are on my site: salad of raddichio, apple, speck, asiago cheese and hazelnut.

A delicious risotto with apple and fennel sausage and for dessert an apple strudel with malaga ice cream. You can find these recipes here.