My Jewelery Spring Collection- The Spring Collection

My Jewelery Spring Collection- a glimpse to the spring collection

Do you also feel like spring? Do you want to put your thick sweaters in the back of the cupboard and bring the spring and summer clothes forward again. My Jewelery is also ready and recently showed the live stream the My Jewelery Spring Collection!

Take a look!

Spring Collection My Jewelery

The clothing and jewelry of My Jewelery rays always a lot of summer and spring out. The clothing is often elegant, colorful and cheerful, so again this Spring Collection. For me these are the ultimate bohemian lifestyle items and with this clothing you immediately feel like spring!

Let the spring come

How nice are the days that we already feel the sun on our skin. Spring is occasionally in the air and you notice that from everything. People are sitting outside in the slowest of their house.

We can leave the hats and scarves at home more often and those warm vests do not have to be on every day. Sun is doing a person so well and that is also the case with color. Colorful and colorful fashion is doing well!

And the summer weather naturally makes us desire to go shopping.

Live Event Fashion Show

Now we are currently less able to go to the stores. Companies are becoming increasingly resource -rich in order to reach consumers. This is also the case with My Jewelery, in addition to their newsletter, they came last week with a live event where all fans of My Jewelery could be with.

Livestream Shopping Night

During the Livestream Shopping Night, the colorful My Jewelery Spring Collection was shown. At eight o’clock &#8217 in the evening the event started with a spectacular performance by Maan that gave an acoustic version of “sweet as you are”, after which the spring collection of My Jewelery came into the picture. That way we could not only see as one of the first to see what the clothing fell and looked on the model.

You could also throw your favorite items directly into your digital shopping basket. In this way it was made very easy for us and actually that is also nice in this time.

Finally, we can’t easily go to the store to fit the clothes and now you could see how the clothing was on the models and you could purchase your favorite items.

My Jewelery Spring Collection

In the meantime you may also be curious about the items of the Spring collection of My Jewelery, so here are some of the items:

cheerful skirts Dress With Print blouses jewelry boho style earrings

My Jewelery comes with more

In addition to the Spring Collection, My Jewelery also comes with ’ The Perfect Suit for Powerful Women ’. Especially for you and all your fellow power women, My Jewelery launches the ultimate power suit: colorful, stylish and with the perfect fit to embrace any figure. You want that too!

For the Selfmade Queen

The suits are made of an organic look viscosemix. As a result, the blazer and pants not only fall gracefully along your body, but they are also wonderfully airy – Very nice with spring approaching. Because the design has been created by women, before women, it has been looked at in the smallest details at how you can show the best version of yourself.

To Celebrate The Power of Women, Always!

pack for women packs in pastel colors

More inspiration

For the entire Spring Collection of My Jewelery, of course you look at the site of My Jewelery. I hope that the above photo ’ s have already been able to inspire you to shop and especially enjoy beautiful weather!