Super fun spring weeks at children’s amusement park Julianatoren tip

Super fun spring weeks at children's amusement park Julianatoren tip

Saturday we attended the grand opening of an exciting new attraction at Julianatoren amusement park. The opening of the ‘The High Hat’. A few months ago this attraction was already announced and now we could really go in.


In recent years we have visited quite a few amusement parks, with the highlight last year being surely Dinseyland Paris.However, in the Netherlands we also have lots of nice parks. We had never been to the Julianatoren. The park was completely new to us and that always gives that extra bit of excitement. The reason we were invited was the opening of the new attraction ‘The High Hat’.

This attraction is a real ’thrill ride’ and let them love that at our house.

Festive opening

This new attraction is especially for kids with nerves of steel! The free fall tower is 10 meters high. Once seated, everyone is slowly hoisted up. At the top, the tray hangs for a moment, then plunges down in free fall and spinning on its axis. The opening took place at 11.00 and eagerly awaiting the official opening of the park by Mr. Cheese Gaff and Mrs. Candy floss.

mr. Cheese Slicer went along with some of the children who came up with the name of this new attraction on the first round in the High Hat, while Mrs. Cheese Slicer and the other prize winners pushed the big red button to officially open the attraction. Of course we also visited the top hat several times later and it was certainly an exciting ride.

More to see and do

Amusement park julianatoren has more than 60 attractions for children from 2 to 12 years old. Ideal to go with the family. Here the boys are eleven and nine and love speed. I was honestly curious if they wouldn't be too old for the amusement park, but I turned out to be completely wrong about that.

They had a great time. What was immediately noticed was that the park is not that big, but there are an awful lot of attractions. it was very clear. I do not know if it is because it is still early in the season, but the queues were short and we were able to do a lot of attractions. Many times. Jul's Rollerskates, the jumping pirate, the mouse trap and the ghost lock, were perhaps favorites.

We also went to see the new show by Cas the Ranger, learned all about animals and then walked the Cas the Ranger experience path through the woods.


Super Fun Spring Weeks at the Julianatoren

Have you now vacation? Or do you want to enjoy the nice weather which hopefully will last a long time? From April 19 to May 5, the Super Fun Spring Weeks take place at Children's Amusement Park Julianatoren. The Apeldoorn amusement park is full of activities:

  • Case the Ranger

The character Cas the Ranger, introduced last year, makes a comeback during the May vacations with a new educational show in which he prepares visitors for an adventure in the Experience; an exciting forest trail where you can discover a lot about plants, trees and animals that live in the woods around the Apeldoorn amusement park.

  • New show: Dino and Dina's Building Game

In the big Dino and Dina construction show, kids, along with Dino and Dina, go on an exciting and educational construction adventure. The show targets children from 2 to about 5 years old. The show takes place on the new Square stage and lasts about 10 minutes. the story; Dino and Dina love building, they prefer to do it all day long.

But what will they build today? And what blocks do they need for that? It soon becomes clear that Dino and Dina can really use the children's help. And if the building succeeded?

Then it's time for the one and only… Dino and Dina dance!

  • New attraction: 'The Top Hat

The 'The High Hat' opened on Saturday, April 20; a spectacular new free-fall tower in children's amusement park Julianatoren! The attraction seats eight people. Slowly, the tough boys and girls are hoisted upward.

Once at the top, the tray hangs for a while after which it plunges down in free fall and spins on its axis.

Practical information

We really enjoyed ourselves and I can only say, what a recommendation this children's amusement park. Also getting excited? Here you can find all practical information about the park.

What are you all going to do about the vacations ? If you have a vacation of course.