Cute summer plate craft

Cute summer sheet craft

By Naomi – These fun summer crafts are fun to make with your kids and cozy to hang up around the house during the summer!

Bathing suit/swim suit:
What you need? 2 sheets of colored paper, scissors and glue.

Step 1. On a colored paper, draw out a bathing suit/swimsuit shape
step 2. Cut out your bathing suit/trunks
step 3. From the second sheet of paper, cut out hearts or another pattern to decorate your bathing suit/trunks. We chose hearts.
Step 4: For the trunks, cut another strip in the same color as the hearts for a nice matching border.

Rainbow Parasol:
What you need? 5 sheets of colored paper, scissors and glue.

Step 1. Draw a parasol and cut it out
Step 2: Draw stripes down from the top to make squares and do this for the whole parasol.
step 3. Then glue the strips with different colors to make a complete rainbow parasol.
You can also leave a piece free so that the color of the base parasol shows through.

Ice creams
What you need? Different types and colors of paper, scissors and glue

Step 1. Cut out a strip as an ice cream stick
step 2. Cut out the ice cream, a rectangle with a rounded top. Vary the colors and patterns so that you get all kinds of different ice creams.

Flip flops
What you need? 2 colors of paper, scissors and tape.

Step 1. Put your foot on a piece of paper and pull it over.
step 2. Then cut it out
step 3. Cut 2 thin strips from the other sheet of paper, we will use these for the straps.
step 4. Make 3 holes in each flip flop to attach the "straps" to. Step 5. Push the center of the strip into the top hole and glue it to the bottom.
Step 6. Pass the ends through the other holes and make sure there is an arch in it.
Step 7. Glue these ends too so that the "band" is secure and does not fall out.

Bucket with shovel & Rake
What you need? 2 Colors of Paper, Embellishments, Scissors and Glue.

Step 1. From the one sheet of colored paper, cut a small bucket. I chose a textured sheet of paper with glitter on it to make it more special. step 2. From the 2nd sheet of paper, cut a strip to use as a handle.
step 3. Glue the handle to the bucket, with a bow.
step 4. Stick an embellishment on the handle to make it just a little more fun
Step 5. Cut a rake from the second sheet of paper
Step 6. Cut out a scoop from the second sheet of paper
Step 7. Place the rake and shovel crosswise on top of each other on the bucket.

What you need? 1 sheet of colored paper, 2 trims, a straw, scissors, tape and glue.

Step 1. Cut a rectangle from one colored sheet of paper to make a glass.
step 2. Stick the straw in the glass, making sure it sticks out a bit.
step 3. Glue on the decorations as if they were ice cubes.

My end result!

When you put all these crafts together you get a cheerful summer picture. I dressed this up with some sand molds, a sun and waves.. Nice anyway? You can also use this to decorate your window or any other place in the house to cheer up. Make the crafts with different colors to make it even more colorful.

I mean, in summer the colors are allowed to stand out anyway? So make it a sparkling party!

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