Flora tea- seize your moment of rest with a cup of tea

Flora tea- get your rest with a cup of tea

Flora tea shows us that tea can be beautiful as well as delicious. Tea that you first taste with your eyes and then feel with your heart. Would you like to indulge in a High Tea? Pamper yourself or another?

Take a break with Flora Tea.

Take a break

In the rush of the day, we sometimes forget ourselves. We work at home, so the breaks can sometimes be cancelled. How good it is then to think of yourself and take a moment to rest. A relaxing moment with a glass of green tea. The beautiful tea flower from Flora Tea creates this moment.

Too nice to give and to get!

Flora Tea

The tea from Flora Tea is a feast for the eyes. Flora Teas are hand-tied individual tea leaves with selected dried aromatic flowers, forming a tea ball/heart that reveals its secret center when placed in boiling water and grows into an artistic and captivating flower with an enriching flavor.

You can find Flora Tea’s collection here.

Not only a surprise for the eye

That Flora Tea is a surprise for the eye may be clear, but also the flavors of this green tea is delicious. Because you drink the tea pure, with no bag additives and it is only natural ingredients, the taste is very present, strong and very tasty.

Tea glass and tea flowers

This tea is best served in a tea glass. Here you see the flower at its best. You can buy these glasses in the Flora Tea shop..

You will also find a large variety of tea flavors.

Tea with beautiful names and strong flavors

The tea from Flora Tea has beautiful names. I received three flavors of tea flowers:

Flying snow

  • Green tea
  • Carnation
  • Coconut

Perhaps my favorite flavor of the three teas. With the combination of green tea and coconut, you taste a deliciously sweet flavor, which is not to be confused with sugar in your tea. The two opposite flavors, make a great tasting tea.

Jasmine with Love

  • Green tea
  • Jasmine

This tea is real green tea, nice and strong taste due to the green tea and jasmine. It is such a tea that at the first sip you think’ Wow strong taste though!’ Really enjoy it.

Jasmine with Love, green tea and Jasmine

Oriental Beauty

  • Green tea
  • Calendula
  • Jasmine

The most beautiful flower of all the bulbs I received.Very static and slowly it blossoms. Also with this tea, the taste is ‘real’. This is light and subtle by the combination with calendula.

Oriental Beauty green tea from Flora Tea Flora tea tea flower

On the site of Flora Tea you will find a collection of different flavors. All flavors have won a Tea award in recent years.

Advantages of this tea

Flora Teas are based on green tea leaves, the benefits of this green tea is that they:

  • Be able to reduce nausea
  • Be able to reduce pain
  • And reduce stress

Pamper and treat yourself to a nice cup of tea

What is your moment of rest in the day? When you relax completely and can relax? If you really want to make the most of this time, enjoy the emergence of the flower in your tea glass, experience the wonderful fragrances that are released and unwind with Flora Tea.

How to brew this tea:

  1. You place the tea flower at the bottom of your tea glass
  2. Pour on the tea ball, boiling water.
  3. Within a few mintutes you can see a beautiful flower emerge. After about 5 minutes you can enjoy your delicious tea

Flora Tea, for yourself or to give as a gift

This Flora tea is surprising at a High tea and fun to give as a gift. Be sure to check out the gift tips on the site. Because of the beautiful flowers and flavors, this one is not cheap and therefore it is really a moment of rest that you should definitely take when drinking it.

Enjoy the treat to yourself and relax!