Holidays and traditions how to celebrate Christmas

Holidays and traditions: how to celebrate Christmas

Holidays and traditions. Two words that are inextricably linked to each other. Not for everyone of course, let me put that first.

You either love traditions (and holidays) or you don’t. But what are those traditions and how do you celebrate Christmas?

Holidays and traditions

There are several traditions that come with the holidays and they are different for everyone. This way you can always celebrate St. Nicholas on December 5. Not on 3 or 4 no always the fifth, some people are very attached to this.

Every year you make the same thing for Christmas breakfast because it reminds you of the old days at home? Create new traditions with your own family but bringing these from the past is also great fun.

You like it or not

The holidays it’s true, some love them, but others really don’t. If you don’t like them it could be because of the obligations that still come with these days. Because you have to sit together with the whole family?

Or can you celebrate this with your family. And are you from a large family or are there just a few of you? But also how much value is placed on traditions, how many rules are there?

More rules may give less enthusiasm.

So what are these traditions

Now what are traditions that you hear more often:

  • watching the Sinterklaas news with the whole family
  • At the entry put delicious candy and chocolate milk on the table
  • From 6 December turn on Sky radio for Christmas music
  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve
  • Gifts under the Christmas tree
  • Listening to the top 2000 on the radio
  • Gourmetting at the holidays

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As long as we are together

Tonight is St. Nicholas Eve and we celebrate it with grandpa and grandma. And yes I love traditions with the holidays and so we always celebrate on December 5, no matter what day the 5th falls on. Traditionally, I provide a light dinner with tasty snacks and then go to the pepernoten, banquet bar and so much more.

At Christmas, by the way, I also have these ‘habits’.