Water Wall

Water Wall

Remember This One? The Mud Kitchen? This successful DIY, which I made some time ago, is used almost daily. With sand, shells or just water. There's some smearing going on.

Since this kitchen is on wheels, I can easily move it around. This gave me the idea to use the back as well. We made a water wall!

Water Wall

A water wall is a wall on which you mount objects so that you can let water flow through them. Super nice idea but where do I put it? Our house has a special shape so we don't have bare walls on the outside. Somewhere against a wall was not an option. All fences are overgrown with ivy or planted with plants, so that was not an option either.

Then it occurred to me that I could use the back of our mud kitchen.
I gathered some plastic bottles, some containers and a piece of garden hose. I soaked the bottles in soapy water first so that all the stickers came off easily. That looks better. I also used a knife, electrical tape, screws and a cordless drill. I already had all this stuff in the house, so that was easy.

Then I Sat And Puzzled With Little Man How Best To Attach The Materials So That There Was A Good Flow Of Water. I Secured the Bottles with Screws. Just at the top so there is no leak. To Attach The Garden Hose I Made, With A Knife, A Hole In The Caps of the Bottles. Here I Put the Hose in and then taped this well with insulation tape.

This way the connection does not leak and it is also secure.

At the top the little guy now has two possibilities to pour water into the water wall. At the bottom he can put trays to catch the water as well. He now just uses the pans and trays from the mud kitchen for this.

Ideal. With the Addition of the Water Wall, Our Mud Kitchen Has Become Multifunctional.


Do You Already Have Such ’ A Cute Water Wall? I Am Very Curious!

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