Picture book Does it still take long Nine months waiting for the baby Review

Picture book: Will it take long? Nine Months Waiting for the Baby| Review

If you are pregnant with your second child (or third or…) and your oldest child is a toddler, the wait for the baby can be long. Floor Bal tells in the non-fiction picture book ‘Duurt het nog lang? Nine months of waiting for the baby’ week by week how the baby develops.

Being pregnant

When I was pregnant with the second, the oldest was a year old. Too young to consciously experience being pregnant and having a baby growing in my belly. When his little brother was born I had the idea that the oldest just had something like; ‘Hey there is suddenly one more in the house.’Within a few days he knew his little brother’s name and otherwise it was okay that suddenly there were four of us.

How different it is when your child is older and can experience the pregnancy much more consciously.

The picture book Long may it last?

Last October, Gottmer Publishers published the non-fiction picture book Will it take a long time?. Toddlers who have a brother or sister are often very curious about what is happening in their mother’s belly. In this non-fiction picture book, science journalist and Vlag en Wimpel winner Floor Bal explains week by week how the baby develops, with much feeling for the experiences of young children.

Illustrator Iris Deppe made drawings of the most diverse couples and families, from single mothers to a gay couple having a child with a woman.

Easy texts and beautiful drawings

What immediately stands out about the picture book is the format. It is large and therefore easy to handle for children. The picture book is very nicely drawn and the texts are easy for children to understand. The book is colorful and cheerful because of the beautiful drawings and besides that you can read week by week there is an awful lot to see on the pages’s.

It is a book so a toddler can also look in a lot to see and discover.

picture book picture book

Winning this picture book

From Gottmer I can give away a picture book. Are you pregnant or do you have someone close to you to whom you would like to give this book as a gift? What to do