By Corona A Real Full-time Mother For While

By Corona A Real Full-Time Mother

By Linda – I am First and Foremost A Mother of Course, But I Am also A Working Mother. And I love working. I’m not the type of mom who likes to be home 24/7 Taking care of the kids and household.

But because of corona that did happen temporarily!

Working mom

I work 15 hours (divided over 2 days) at an organization that houses mentally handicapped people. I work at the office (at the P&O department) and find my work super fun. I get to take care of all the interns and students as well as managing the social media channels.
Of course I am also busy blogging. The times I work are of course very flexible. That’s how I regularly find myself blogging in the evenings and weekends, because that’s just what I like to do.

My work for my blog is also my hobby: how ideal!
I average about’24 hours a week with everything around blogging.

Working at home and working less

But with the corona virus it all changed for a while. The 15 hours I work remained the same, but instead of working in the office I had to work from home. Fortunately I could organize those 15 hours very flexibly throughout the week, because working a full 8-hour day was very difficult with two kids at home.
My blogging hours also became a lot harder, so those 24 hours a week went downhill for a while. Fortunately, everything was able to keep running just fine: then just three less blogs a week online.

Home Mom

But I did become a bit of a stay-at-home mom. The entire period I was at home with the children, busy with home schooling and entertaining the kids.
In the beginning we all had to find our way through it. We all had to get used to the situation.
After a week or two we kind of got into the flow and had some sort of schedule that we could all stick to. That cool peace of mind.
And during this period we also did a lot more together (in a safe way of course). For example, I taught Daan and Jesse how to skate and Daan learned how to stand on an oxboard!

But after about six weeks that schedule was no longer new and interesting, and doing new things was fun but there was not a lot of outdoor activity either. And so the frustration and boredom returned.
Fortunately, a few weeks later schools started again (partially) and peace was back.


Except that it brought a lot of discussions, fights and tears during this period, all four of us also have some kind of feeling of gratitude. Grateful that we have each other, that we have it good, that we could get home schooling and that the school arranged everything super well.
But believe me: my gratitude was also very great when those schools reopened and the kids could go back to school again!
The boys themselves were happy too, although they found it chill” at home too.

All in all, we are looking back on a strange, special period and I am very curious whether the grandchildren will read about this in the history books!

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