Your child going to elementary school

Your child goes to elementary school

Kids on the elementary school. They are learning more and more, but also need to work more and more at home, especially for geography and history. In addition to homework, they also have homework for tests.

But how to help your child with schoolwork?

Your child to elementary school

When your child goes to elementary school it will also have to learn how to learn. How you teach your children will have to do with how you have always learned yourself. Were you a ‘stamper’? Were you someone who could memorize the rows well?

Or did you have a lot of insight? And could you apply it well? For children it is important to find a fine learning method that suits them.

Tests at school

Tests like geography where maps and plans have to be viewed. Then sit down with your child and teach them how to memorize these texts they have been given?

Join as a parent

During geography and history, you as a parent can also participate very well, because you all remember exactly how it was? So you just learn with them.

Helping children with extra sums

At the moment the learning material is still easy, but I already notice that it is quite complicated at times. So once every three weeks I coach my son and some classmates with the math tigers, They are good at math and so get some extra challenge is. These sums have me flapping my ears from time to time and will only become more so in the future.

Helping your child

In my search for ‘how do I help my child’, I found the handy site Learning is a breeze Maybe you and your children have something here too.