Tasty and Healthy Vegan Shakes

MOJO- Tasty and healthy Vegan Shakes

Vegan Shakes from MOJO Nutrition All important nutrients on the right quantity get that with these vegan shakes from Mojo Nutrition no longer a problem. A shake that you can take as breakfast, lunch or snack. Nice in the yogurt or cottage cheese.

The fast life catches up

To make our body function optimally, it needs variation. Variation of nutrients that you can get out of your meals. However, not every day your eating habits are so balanced, don’t think of time to have breakfast, do not take snacks, have a quick lunch or skip whole meals.

By using a shake you can still get these crucial nutrients. The fast life catches us occasionally. &#8217 in the morning hurry to get everyone dressed and at school, meetings, just back and forth to a meeting, no time o lunch quietly,.

Food sometimes comes in and especially healthy food. Mojo Shakes are then a simple way to provide your body with all essential nutrients.

What if you get too few nutrients

I try to eat healthy myself. I normally have plenty of time in the morning to have a leisurely breakfast and also eat two main meals and two snacks. When I do get into trouble with my nutrition, it’s on the weekend or when I’m on the road.

On weekends (especially on Sundays) we sleep in, brunch late and usually skip the snacks.

Because of this I often eat far too little on these days and I don’t get enough nutrients. I immediately feel this, because I have less energy.

Bring something to eat along the way

Even when I’m on the road I find it difficult to bring something to eat. I forget or think to myself, never mind because eating a cracker is also so difficult in the car. A shake from MOJO Nutrition is of course very handy for moments like this.

On Sundays I eat my snack like this and I also get my dairy. For the way I mix the shake with water.

Keeping body and mind healthy

MOJO nutrition makes it easy for us. MOJO shake can be used if you want to lose weight, just want to improve overall health or just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, MOJO nutriotion contains essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and more. MOJO not only keeps your body healthy, but also your mind – both need to stay in top shape to live a long and healthy life.

By replacing unhealthy snacks, which make you feel unhappy, with a nutritious and honest product, we are moving towards a healthier and happier future together. We are determined to inspire more people to create a healthier lifestyle.

MOJO Shake

Mojo Nutrition gave me six different shakes to try. The flavors vanilla, praline, pear, choco, neutral and cappuccino. On the bags of the shake, it says that you can mix the powder with 300 ml of water, milk, yogurt or cottage cheese.

Well 300 ml of milk, yogurt or cottage cheese is almost a whole meal.

So I don’t think that the shake will give a full feeling. The flavors are surprising. I tried the vanilla and neutral narrower with cottage cheese.

Because no added sugars have been added, it tastes great for breakfast or snack. I think it is getting used to that I have nothing to chew &#8216 &##8217;, but because it is a big bite, I am absolutely full. For a quick breakfast this is very easy.

This way you do not skip this and you have all the essential nutrients at that moment.

Praline and pear, I mixed with milk. Praline tastes delicious. A strong taste and very tasty.

The pear was very fresh in taste.

Ideal for a snack. It drinks away like a glass of milk, but has the advantage that you feel full after drinking the glass. With water I drank the flavors choco and cappuccino.

This was fine, taste wise. Here too I really felt full and the combination with water is ideal to take with you on the road.


Although I still maintain that eating healthy is the best thing for you. I was pleasantly surprised by the MOJO shake. The taste was fine, it’s easy to take with you and you keep feeling full for a long time.

Three meals and two snacks is very important. If you are unable to have breakfast in the morning or if it is almost impossible to take a snack with you, a shake is not a bad idea at all. In the morning with yoghurt or quark and for on the road it is fine with water.

So if you don’t manage to get all essential nutrients, then a shake once in a while, maybe not a bad idea for you at all.

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