Join the National Week of Candy Good

Join us for National ‘Week of Candy Good’

During National ‘Week of Candy Good’ we are inspired to snack and snack healthier during corona, because haven't you started eating unhealthier this period too? Or drink more? What does this week entail and how do you join the challenge?

Too much snacking

Did you know that every week 1.846.199 kilos of candy eaten in the Netherlands? This is according to figures from the RIVM*. That's too much and can contribute to all sorts of serious health problems.

A change in our eating, drinking and snacking habits is therefore much needed.

National ‘Week of Candy Good’

National 'Week of Candy Good' runs from January 18 – Blue Monday – through January 24. During the week, the Netherlands is challenged to replace unhealthy candy and snack products with responsible alternatives for 7 days. This calls attention to a healthier diet, which is more important than ever, especially in these corona times.

Supermarkets, growers, producers and the National Action Plan for Fruit and Vegetables (NAGF) have joined the initiative.

Snack vegetables are on the rise

The availability of countless healthier alternatives has long made it possible to snack and snack more responsibly. We try to, as evidenced by the fact that so many people buy snack vegetables, for example.

Still we eat unhealthy

Yet we still eat too unhealthy. Lots of people still don't eat the recommended amount of fruit or don't eat enough vegetables. And don't you prefer to grab something unhealthy when you're hungry??

Healthy young generation

National Snoep Goed Week is intended to help the Dutch make more conscious choices when it comes to sweets and snacks. Everyone can participate in the action week that starts on Blue Monday, the day that is known as a day when most people have already abandoned their good and healthy resolutions. The focus is especially on the young, new generation, because if you offer them healthy variations now, they will soon take them for granted.

Consumers can't see the wood for the trees

According to the creators of National Snack Good Week, it's hard to change our diet or unhealthy snacks. And isn't that kind of the problem. For how have you dealt with this lately?

Working from home causes a snack feast

The current lockdown with mandatory working from home does not help a healthier diet either. Where you normally have a fixed rhythm at work, you will have much less at home and the walk to the cookie jar is also made easier.

Do you participate?

Are you participating in the challenge from Jan. 18 through Jan. 24 with the Week of Candy Good? A week all about not eating unhealthy snacks (together as a family) for a week.Subscribe to the site of The Week of Candy Good and receive free digital Candy Good Magazine, fun discounts and most importantly lots of support! #icandy

The National Week of Candy Good

But you can do more

Have you noticed that you snack more? And how about this for exercise, do you take a walk around every day? Are you participating in Dry January and currently drinking non-alcoholic beverages?

Every little change that benefits your health is good and now maybe even better than before. The week of Candy Good, might just help you and your family cross that threshold to start living healthier lives!

*Results of food consumption survey RIVM 2012-2016. From summer 2019 to summer 2021, the RIVM will again gauge how the Netherlands eats and drinks.