Sustainable shaving with a Safety Razor from Oceanics

Sustainable shaving with a Safety Razor from Oceanics

Sustainability, environmentally friendly, recycling, even in the bathroom you can choose for sustainability. And that’s by using an Oceonics Safety Razor, which makes sustainable shaving of your legs, underarms and bikini line child’s play. Get ready for skirt day.

Sustainable shaving with a safety razor

Have you ever thought about how many disposable razors you have used and thrown away over the years?? There will be quite a few. And are you already busy recycling plastic, storing your old paper and separating your waste?? Sustainability is also easy to achieve in the bathroom. Choose a plastic-free razor from Oceanics Safety Razor and Shave the Planet.

This classic razor not only allows you to shave sustainably, but in addition to being environmentally friendly and very easy to use, it is also pleasing to the eye.

Environmentally conscious living

Sustainability, the purchase of environmentally friendly products, is perhaps easiest to achieve in the bathroom. If I look at myself, there are already no more plastic bottles in the shower for me. I wash my hair with a shampoo bar, use a body bar to wash myself and remove my makeup every night with washable cotton pads that I wash by hand or machine wash after use. I am very happy that I could test the Oceanics Safety Razor.

Sustainable shaving is, in fact, that which was also high on my list of changes.

Ready for skirt day

All year round I use a razor to shave my legs, bikini line and armpits and now with skirt day coming up, after all the day we get to show our bare legs again, I want my legs to be clean-shaven too. And that’s fine with the Safety Razor. Sustainable shaving has never been easier.

How this razor works

This durable razor works no differently than any other razor. The only thing is that you can replace the blade so you do not have to throw away the whole razor every time.

  • In the package there are 5 blades, these are well packed so you can never cut yourself.
  • Unscrew the top of the razor from the handle, take a blade from the package and place it in the holes of the cup. Screw everything back together and you can shave.
  • Use soap or shaving gel when shaving, hold the blade at 30 degrees and gently glide over the open area. REMEMBER! The blade is incredibly sharp, do not put pressure on the razor while shaving.
  • After shaving, loosen the handle a bit, allowing you to clean the blade and get rid of hair and soap residue
  • Let the razor dry properly.
  • To make a real eye-catcher of this beautiful Safety Razor you can buy a standard razor with it.

Sustainable shaving in the bathroom

Sustainable shaving is exactly the same as with any disposable razor, only it lasts much longer. The long handle gives you a firm grip and the closed comb ensures the blade stays neatly in place. Making bikini line, leg and armpit shaving a lot safer and easier.

A comfortable, stylish and plastic-free shave with the Safety Razor.

Sustainable shaving with a razor from Safety razor

About Oceanics

At Oceanics they fight against plastic and for cleaner seas. That’s why, as Oceanics, they offer you the very finest bathroom care products that are free of unnecessary plastic. No clumsy foils, bags, tubes or bottles for us.

And therefore not with you. After all, who needs plastic when there are so many beautiful alternatives available?.

Spoil Yourself Not The Planet!

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Sustainable shaving with a razor from Safety razor

Sustainable shaving has never been easier

It has never been easier to have beautifully shaved legs, armpits and bikini area. The Safety Razor from Oceanics works incredibly well, is super easy to use and durable! With these sustainable razor blades, you’ll be all set for skirt day!