Mother Daughter Bracelet from My Jewelery the perfect gift for Mother’s Day

Mother & Daughter Bracelet from My Jewelery, the perfect gift for Mother's Day

De Mother & Daugter bracelet! The ideal gift to give to your mother for Mother's Day. And although my mother ever has that much with this day, she was spoiled this time with this beautiful bracelet and the other, I wear it!


When I became a mother myself and therefore suddenly allowed to celebrate a Mother's Day, I always enjoyed the crafts of the children to get. Now they are in groups seven and six and they no longer craft for Mother's Day. I think this is a shame, but I also understand that tinkering is a bit out in the meantime. I also don't need anything for Mother's Day, I just like to have a nice breakfast in the morning.

And I will certainly provide something tasty with coffee.

Furthermore, I am lucky that the man always cooks on Saturday and Sunday, so let me spoil a little will work.

A High Tea with my mother

My parents are often on vacation around Mother's Day and they have never given us the obligation to have to go to ’ come on this day. Yet I like to do something about it. Last year I had invited my mother to a high tea, she got this for Mother's Day but if this day had not been there, she would have received it too.

I just wanted to go here with her here and experience this together. This year she gets something very special. A Mother & Daughter's bracelet.

She does get this one day earlier than Mother's Day and very coincidentally again during a high tea. She received this High Tea as a gift for her birthday and we will redeem this together on Saturday.

I asked the boys which bracelet I would give to grandma and which I would put on myself. They opted for the same distribution as the photo below.

Mother & Daughter Bracelet from My Jewelery

The jewelry of My Jewelery are not only for Mother's Day, but for every occasion. Because, for example, switch bracelets are also a wonderful gift for a birthday. Yet of course it is very nice to give your mother a piece of jewelry with Mother's Day and then this mother is & Daughter bracelet is a picture.

It is a piece of jewelry that makes you think of the most important person in your life every day: De Mother & Daughter bracelet is the Mother's Day gift from 2019. Because whatever steps you take, how beautiful it is to stay connected with your mother?

Mother's Day My Yewelery Mother & Amp; daughter's bracelet

My Jewelery and her story

And that is why My Jewelery is again launching a special mother this year & Daughter's bracelet. The idea for this did not just fall out of the blue: “Family is very valuable to me; I've always had a special bond with my mother, "says Sharon Hilgers (29), owner and founder of My Jewelery. “She is always there for me and nowadays even helps me with my company. She also taught me to find happiness in small things. And that is exactly what the bracelet stands for."

Perfect match with this mother & Daughter's bracelet

My Jewelery is known for the wide range of personal jewelry. Sharon: “It was therefore logical for me that the design for this bracelet mainly had to spread the love for mother and daughter in an accessible way."The" Mother & Daughter Bracelet ’works the same as the friendship chains you used to have with your best friend: the charms fit perfectly together, but even loose is the piece of jewelry to wear nicely. One heart cut from the other state symbol for the relationship between mother and daughter.

With a heart you are always in the right place

De Mother is also & Daughter bracelet anything but taste sensitive (with a heart you are always in the right place), finely finished, made of stainless steel so that it does not discolour and adjust it in size. It is available in three different colors: gold, silver and rosé. That way you don't have to worry about the rest of your bracelets.

Although you never really miss the shelf with such a subtle copy.

Mother & amp; daughter's bracelet

A gift forever

So If you were planning your mother to give her favorite perfume or a box of bonbons on 12 May? Go crazy and spoil her (and yourself) with a nice piece of jewelry. That remains, unlike many other gifts, forever.

And by the way: it is not just for Mother's Day, with this Mother & Daughter Bracelet you can make someone happy any time.

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Do you have plans for Mother's Day?


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