Outfit with golden skirt – how to combine the golden midi skirt

The golden midi skirt is the ultimate fashion companion for the transitional period. Whether with sandals in September or with boots in October, the midi skirt can be combined in many ways. The skirt also meets the dress code in the office and can be worn properly combined also to a festive occasion. Because the midi skirt can be combined in many different styles, today I want to show you 3 of my favorite outfit ideas with gold skirt. The 3 combined styles with golden skirt are summery, casual and a business look with blazer may not be missing of course also.

Golden midi skirt in summer style with platform sandals

For the first style I paired the gold skirt with these new platform sandals and a champagne colored shirt. This look still radiates a bit of summer and is great for the warm fall days. The uniform color choice of shirt with shoes in combination with the midi skirt makes the look harmonious and always looks a bit more upscale. I can imagine this style with golden skirt very well on a warm summer day, when you go out for dinner with friends in the early evening or on vacation during a walk in the evening.

Golden skirt with sneakers and white Tshirt

The 2. Style with golden skirt is my personal favorite. Fashion doesn't always have to be uncomfortable, especially in the last 2 years the trend is going more and more towards sporty chic. What I particularly like, because the clothes should look nice, but the outfit must also be practical for everyday life. If you choose a midi skirt that is not exactly a pencil skirt, you can definitely do it. There is not much else to say about this midi skirt style, white shirt, white sneakers plus an eye catcher skirt in gold, makes a cool everyday outfit.

You can find a similar golden skirt here



Business look with gold skirt and blazer

This style proves that the golden skirt is also suitable for the office. For this look I chose the same shirt as from the first style and of course the gold skirt. I combined it with lace pumps with low heel and a white blazer. In retrospect, I noticed that this style is also good for a festive occasion, such as a baptism. Either way with this midi skirt combination you always look chic.

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