Fashion Basics – The best fashion basics for your closet!

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Fashion Basics – The best fashion basics for your closet!

The new year has begun and many new styles and fashion trends are waiting for us! But to be able to combine the trend parts you also need a good base of basics. In many fashion posts here on the fashion blog Whitelilystyle I have reported on how important good basics are and today there are the wardrobe essentials that I use almost daily and in which you can invest with a clear conscience. With these basic pieces you can combine and style many outfits. Today there are on the fashion blog my favorite stores to buy fashion basics, the most beautiful fashion basics for everyday life and finally the most important fashion basics for’s office.

1. Here I buy my fashion basics

Fashion Basics are timeless, simple and stylish. All these features make it super easy to combine the basics with other clothing items. You should have a good selection of basics in your closet that are of high quality. Some basics I have already tried and for me is certain, Zara, H&M and Co. Are great for fancy blouses or cool styles, but basic pieces just don't last as long as other brands do. My favorites are &Other Stories, Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Hallhuber and Mango. Some time ago I picked out a few pieces at these stores and am just thrilled with the quality and durability. The price is a little higher, but it lasts longer and you combine it more often, the cost per wear is also top.

2. The most beautiful fashion basics for everyday life, which every woman needs in her closet

We have already found the best stores for fashion basics, now it's time for the most important key pieces, the parts with which you have a basic framework for every outfit and which every woman should have in her closet. For me, these fashion basics belong in every closet:

3. Fashion essentials for the office and chic occasions

Right now I'm in the process of refreshing my wardrobe for the office and some beautiful pieces I like especially well. The best fashion basics for the office I would like to show you today and in the office I find it especially important to have well-fitting parts that create a good impression. After all, you want to be professional and well dressed, as the saying goes, "Clothes make the man". These are my fashion essentials for the office and also for fancy occasions.