Eucalyptus wreath tie yourself DIY Easter wreath eucalyptus

Plants in the living room are becoming increasingly popular whether artificial, real or dried. Especially dried flowers are very popular for decoration in 2021. The perennial favorite is eucalyptus, so today I'll show you how to make a eucalyptus wreath yourself. To tie a eucalyptus wreath you need only a few tools and you can use real or as in my case artificial eucalyptus for the DIY. The decorative ring is super suitable as a door wreath, as a decoration on the wall or tied to the window. Dried or artificial eucalyptus is best suited for this DIY and which eucalyptus I used, you can see here.

What do you need for a eucalyptus wreath DIY:

To make a eucalyptus wreath itself you need a wooden ring to which you can tie the eucalyptus. You can find them in any craft store or online. There you can order several right away and test different DIY or directly make several eucalyptus wreaths yourself. Here is a small listing for the eucalyptus wreath DIY :

  • from wood or hot glue gun

Step by step instructions for making a wreath with eucalyptus yourself

First you test in which position the eucalyptus should be, the most popular is the position at the bottom of the wreath. I positioned the eucalyptus in my DIY so that its leaves cover the small metal part of the ring when I tie it on. After that you can bend the stem of the eucalyptus accordingly and move it into position, with the dried eucalyptus you have to be very careful because it can break very easily. Then tie the eucalyptus stem with a distance of ca. Tie 2 cm. Alternatively, a hot glue gun can also be used for the DIY. Until about half of the wreath is covered with eucalyptus leaves.



Finally, cut off the long stem and tie a single eucalyptus leaf so that the end of the stem is no longer visible. If you want to hang the DIY eucalyptus wreath, don't forget to add a string on top so you can hang it up. Finished the homemade DIY eucalyptus wreath!

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