Where to find the right belts for the whole family

Where to find the right belts for the whole family?

Belts. You don’t just wear them to keep your jeans in place, they also add a nice touch to your outfit. It can give that little extra’s to your outfit.

Yet I find buying a belt just as tricky as buying boots.

Love to hate

I have a love-hate relationship with belts. Love, because I actually wear them all the time. Especially when I wear jeans, but also increasingly with a dress or skirt.

Hate when I decide to buy a new one. I never know what I want. I can’t succeed in color, they are too wide for my pants or too long in size. For years I have been wearing an old husband’s belt.

And actually I need a new one sometimes. But as with boots, it has to be love at first sight. I took a look at Riemenenco and found a wide choice for the whole family and the click was there.

Belts for the ladies

A belt is an indispensable fashion accessory for women. At Belts & Co I immediately noticed the large selection. Many colors, models but also materials. Among other things, you can find waist or hip belts, but also with studs or one that is braided.

Colors also often play a big role for women when choosing and here’s to Belts & Co also has more than enough to choose from. Besides basic colors, you’ll find several eye-catching colors like gold or red.

Kids’ belts

Well I often wear a belt myself, my children never wear them. While they actually need this. They are both slim and now have pants with elastic and buttons that you use to tighten the elastic. Ideal with shorts, but in jeans again you can’t put this on too tight, as it’s not comfortable at the waist.

The boys regularly sit here with a construction worker’s cleavage and I constantly shout;’ pull your pants up.’ When they were little, this was fine and it looked cute too, with a piece of diaper peeking out. Now that they are getting bigger that is no longer possible.

For boys and girls

I have enough belts lying around for them. I bought them when they were smaller. Nice with drawing characters.

However when they were the age to like this, they were way too big. I bought them by centimeters, but each time I was completely wrong in terms of size. This is why they hardly ever wore them when they were younger and why I just haven’t been able to find good, appropriate ones yet.

But here too I am with Belts & Co to the right address. Both for boys and girls you will find a large choice, again in terms of colors and models.

Men’s belts

As I wrote before I now wear one of my husband’s. I’m pretty fashion conscious, but my husband is one step ahead in that regard. He sometimes makes sure his belts match his shoes. He too can have his fill of belts & Co.

For him there is more than enough choice in a men’s belt. You can not think of any color or there is a belt in this color. From summery colors to one that is chic or stylish.

There are different brands, models, colors and materials to choose from.


Measuring the right size

What size to choose? I have a lot of problems with that too. At Belts & Co. there is a very clear explanation on the site, how to choose the right size. If you still can’t find it you can always send an email and they will help you personally to find the right size.

I am excited about the site and can definitely succeed here for the whole family.