Mother’s Day DIY for kids to make a gift yourself

Mother’s Day DIY for children to make a gift themselves

mothers Day. What can children make fun for this day? Mother’s Day used to be mainly visiting grandma and making something or buying something for my mother later.

And now I am that mother myself, who gets the presents.

It is mothers day

And then it’s Mother’s Day, children have often been busy with it for days. They do crafts at school and that has to be hidden and kept secret. Phew, that’s always quite difficult.

Mothers are very spoiled this day by their children and so am I. The youngest gave me a calendar, with beautiful drawings and a photo of him.

The eldest gave me a painted bottle for Mother’s Day, with a crafted flower and a beautiful poem.

The poem

Now I know that he didn’t come up with this Mother’s Day poem himself, but I was still moved by the text; I quote:

Dear mum

A beautiful flower for you,

Because I love you so much

Put it in a nice place

because you are really crazy.

You do so much for me/us,

that makes me very happy.

and instead of a box of chocolates,

You will get a beautiful flower,

you are my champion.


Joyce from joyfromjoyce asked me (and other mothers) in the week before Mother’s Day what being a mother means to me. You can read my reaction and that of the other mothers: what being a mother means to us.