Christmas tree from nails and yarn

DIY Christmas tree of nails and yarn

Our little man is quite physical. He still likes crafting but it's even more fun when he can make something that physically challenges him as well. So this mom came up with a DIY for the toddler to let loose.

Of course within the Christmas theme. We made a Christmas tree from nails and yarn.


Christmas tree of nails and yarn

What you need?


  • A piece of wood. (mdf)
  • nails (at least 1 cm long)
  • paper
  • adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • hammer
  • Yarn (embroidery thread or string)

How to do it?

First you cut a Christmas tree from a sheet of paper. I folded an A4 sheet in half and cut a Christmas tree that way. Then I stuck it on the board with double sided tape.

At each corner I hammered a nail into the wood.

I made a start and the little man hammered them in further. Make sure there is at least half an inch of nail sticking out of the board.

Christmas tree of nails

Little man really enjoyed carpentry. Last summer he got his own little hammer and toolbox so he's pretty handy with them already. Make sure the nails are not driven all the way in.

This happened to me a couple of times because the Toddler was carpentry so enthusiastically.

When you have all the nails in place take a long piece of yarn. I Used Dark Green Embroidery Thread For The Outside of the Tree. Tie, On One of the Bottom Nails, The Yarn.

Then you Follow the Outline of the Christmas Tree and Twist The Yarn Around A Nail Each Time.

Do this Until the Christmas Tree Is Shaped and You Are Back At The Beginning. Little Man Wanted the Inside of the Tree Light Green So I Tied Another Piece of Yarn to One of the Bottom Nails. Then he was allowed to zigzag between the nails.

Make Sure Your Child Always Wraps The Yarn Around A Nail.

This way it stays in Place Better. When you think the Christmas tree is ready the end of it together. Et Voila, A Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree Made of Nails

Have you alreaDy Made Nice Christmas Crafts?

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