How to crochet a fox vest by trial and error

How to Crochet A Fox Vest by Trial and Error

In The Simpley Crochet I Saw A Super Cool Pattern Of A Fox Vest. Nice for My Youngest Son. This was not as easy as it looks. What I Ran Into, What Went Wrong.

You can read it here.

Crocheting Stuffed Animals

A Few years ago I Started Crocheting and Knitting Out of Necessity. Because of my bad eyes I Couldn ’ t Read Books at Night Anymore and Looked for Something Else To Do. I decided to pick up the bei pins again and after the caps and scarf I decided to start the real work and crochet cuddly toys.

Meanwhile the boys’ beds are full of homemade animals.

Fox cardigan crochet

Then I discovered Creachick’s site. Here Maris posts the cutest DIY’s why crochet cardigans. In the meantime I have two vests in my closet and the husband is also equipped.

Esmeij’s Dutch Scarf

Am I almost done with one project, I’m actually looking for something new. That is how I found the Facebook site of Esmeij’s Dutch Scarf. I saw a super cute and warm scarf passing by and started this one.

Each round is explained in a video and that is really super easy and nice. Scarf one is finished and I am currently working on number two,

Simple crochet

Because the magazines Simply crochet and Simply knit cost quite a bit I don’t buy them every time. I came across the fox vest in a post by Kreanimo, she had the simply crochet and showed this vest. I just knew the son would love it. So I quickly bought the magazine, looked for the pattern and actually changed my mind right away. The pattern was made in a size too small for the son.

I actually wanted to throw in the towel right away, because how am I going to get this done. But after A now decided to say B. I looked for colors together with the son, bought Royal wool from the Zeeman.

I decided to simply start and then see how a what.

Too small, too big

Pretty soon the back was ready. But this one was way too small. I took it out and started again.

Half way down the back I found out it was way too wide. Okay grrrr! Sewing out and three times is a charm anyway?

Measured, started and this time it is correct. I used crochet hook 5 instead of 3 and put less stitches on then came out well. I used the largest size in the pattern and also improvised a bit with the sleeve.

Super proud I was when also the hood actually went quite well. But then came the border. First I didn’t understand the description and then when I thought I understood it, it was much too wide, not a pretty sight.

Removed and a normal border crocheted to it.

My mother’s button box. Here I took out the buttons for the vest.

Fox ears and tail

Now only the ears and tail remained. The ears should have been more pointed, now they are more like bear ears. But I like it just fine and the son….who is super happy with his fox vest.

He is lovely and warm and I am proud of myself for having made this again.