Troll’s headband

DIY Troll's headband

The film was shown in theaters some time ago. The Dreamworks blockbuster is a crazy movie that you can buy a lot of merchandise and toys from. Unfortunately, that is often pricey, so I set to work myself. I show you how to make a Trolls headband yourself.

This way the children can play Princess Poppy and her boyfriend Branch / Knoest themselves.

How to Make a Trolls Headband

Trolls is a great movie about troll princess Poppy and her friends. The Trolls all have cozy colors of hair which is also multifunctional. The figures reminded me of my own childhood.

When we were all busy saving trolls in the early 1990s. Those little dolls with colored punk hair. I had a whole truckload of those dolls and apparently I thought that was super cool.

This hype is now back a bit with the movie Trolls. Many a child was dressed up as Poppy or her boyfriend Branch/Knoest during the past carnival. The wigs that you could buy for that were very cool but quite pricey.

After a round of research on the internet, I discovered that it could be much cheaper and I made a Trolls headband myself.

What do you need?

  • Tulle on a roll (pink for Poppy, blue for Branch)
  • Felt
  • Headband
  • Pair of scissors
  • Needle
  • Yarn

How do you proceed?

I used a 12 cm wide roll of tulle. Then I cut it into 15 pieces of 50 centimeters long. So I got a stack of tulle strips of 15 pieces. (12x50cm)

DIY; Troll's headband

I folded each strip in half to find the middle. I then attached this to the hair band with a loop. When you make a loop, pull the ends through again.

I repeated this for each strip, until I had 15 strips on the headband.

DIY; Troll's headband

In the movie, Poppy has pink hair with a headband in it. I made the hair band from green felt. I placed the headband on the felt and marked the inside, so I knew exactly how wide the headband should be.

DIY; Troll's headband

Poppy wears three flowers on the green felt headband. I made this one from green and blue felt. I cut the green leaves three times from the green felt.

DIY; Troll's headband

I then did the same with the blue petals. I sewed the whole thing with a few stitches, by hand, onto the green hair band.

DIY; Troll's headband

The only thing I had to do then was sew the hairband onto the Trolls hairband. I did this again by hand with a few small stitches.

All I had to do was tie a blue ribbon at the top of the 'hair'; so that real Trolls hair arose.

I then repeated the first steps with a blue headband and blue tulle. This is how I made the boy's version of the Trolls headband. Branch/Knoest's hair.

DIY; Troll's headband

The little man thought she was very cool and posed for me with the blue Trolls headband.

DIY; Troll's headband

How do you find them? Have you ever made a Trolls headband?